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Jokowi’s dynasty-building risks tensions with his PDI-P party base

Yoes Kenawas | 22 October 2023

The appointment of Kaesang as PSI chairman — and the increasing possibility of Gibran being appointed as Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto’s running mate following the Court’s decision — can be seen as part of a plan to keep the Jokowi dynasty in a position of influence after 2024. Dynastic politics necessitates meticulous succession planning, and Kaesang’s accession and the Court’s ruling are necessary steps towards achieving this objective…[Read more]


Indonesian Youth Need to Up Climate Game for the 2024 Elections

Muhammad Fajar and Aninda Dewayanti | 13 June 2023

Youth organisations in Indonesia have attracted some attention to climate change issues. But they need to widen their reach into the country’s political parties to drive their green agenda forward….[Read more]


Indonesian universities are still slow in implementing anti-sexual violence measures. Here are 4 ways to speed things up

Sabina Puspita and Muhammad Fajar | 8 March 2023

The global fight against sexual violence in the higher education sector has seen important progress in the last decade, with collaboration from students, faculty and government serving as an important factor in combating patriarchy in academia….[Read more]