Institute for Advanced Research
How We Work?

How We Work?

IFAR is a platform, a site of interaction of different perspectives and scholars committed to shaping post-covid19 society in Indonesia. IFAR focuses its work on two key priorities:

  1. Knowledge production through innovative research in social science and humanities. Currently, IFAR Atma Jaya prioritises two research streams:

Socio-Technical Changes in The Digit

Pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in society, allowing technology to penetrate deeper into society’s everyday life. This interaction with technology is not a technical process but involves substantial social changes in the economy, politics, and culture. These changes are frontiers area of research that requires new approaches in investigating topics such as the concept of power, the ethical boundaries in the use of Artificial intelligence, the mode or regulations and the law for automation.

Social Justice and Sustainability
Pandemic has brought new challenges in the society; rapidly deepening inequalities in and between countries and has pushed millions into poverty. Further, the Covid19 pandemic also has increased the vulnerability of climate change-related threats to the sustainability of the planet, peace and people’s welfare in the future. Disproportionate social impacts of the pandemic and society’s resilience in dealing with these impacts are new research areas for academia.

  1. Strengthening the academic communities in Indonesia and the emerging public policy scholarship by developing academic programs in public policies and cultivating the new generation of social scientists by organising various scholarly forums, fellowships, and scholarships for young scholars in social science and humanities.